Toutes à l'école


The loyalty T-shirt

For the past twelve years, Caroll has been working for girls' education
by donating all the profits from its collector's T-shirt to the association Toutes à l'école, founded by journalist Tina Kieffer.

Today, 1,700 underprivileged girls receive a high level of education, from kindergarten to their first job, in the Happy Chandara campus created in 2005 in Cambodia.

They will thus become free and educated women,
who will in turn pass on the best to their children and make a difference in their country.

For this season, three new committed personalities, Julie Gayet, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and Gwendoline Hamon, have joined Anne-Claire Coudray, faithful ambassador of Toutes à l'école, and
ambassador of Toutes à l'école, and its president and founder, Tina Kieffer. Together, they defend the colors of the new Caroll tee-shirt, declined this year in two models, one romantic and one more teenager, woven in organic cotton and in several colors.

Available on the 21th of March 2023 for 29€ in all Caroll stores and on