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Tina Kieffer

Founding President

“When I was Marie Claire's editorial director, I was confronted with the issue of the terrible conditions of women in many countries of the world: every week, a photojournalist would send me a subject about domestic violence, honour killings, or other horrific events. I was aware of the dramatic consequences of ignorance and obscurantism. But how do you change mentalities, if not by education? This is the reason why I decided to devote myself to the education of girls – the best way in my opinion to make the world of tomorrow a more just and humane place.”

Marie-Paule Laval

Vice president

It was while visiting Happy Chandara School that I took the decision to make a concrete commitment. My mission is to promote to Toutes à l'école in other countries to help the association grow.

Christiane Saunier

General Secretary

After I retired I had more free time to get involved in child-oriented charitable projects. Toutes à l'école immediately appealed to me: the future of a country depends on education particularly concerning women who are the ones who pass on what they know. This school radiates happiness and joy: it represents a real message of hope!

Isabelle Langrenay


For several years I had wanted to volunteer in an organisation and when a friend told me about Toutes à l'école, I was highly motivated to contribute and bring my accounting skills to the association. Creating a school is a very concrete project and the Happy Chandara School really is a success! I also sponsor an 8 year old girl and it makes me very happy to see her growing and blossoming in this establishment that radiates sheer happiness.

Valérie Arnold


“We organized an event in Luxembourg with the aim to donate the benefits towards an association that supports girls' education. After a first visit to Happy Chandara School in 2011, we all wanted to do more and we created the Luxembourg branch. I am personally delighted to be able to be part of the Paris Board of Directors.

It is a great adventure that gives me the feeling that I am doing something good and worthwhile. Moreover it helped me realise that it’s a sort of inner journey that I have made, helping me understand a lot more about life.”

Priscilla Beaulieu


It is a story of friendship first between two children, Théa and Hermine, then between two women. I was lucky to travel to Phnom Penh and visit Happy Chandara School. I was immediately touched by these girls who were smiling so much and who had this great desire to learn. I am proud to support Toutes à l'école which will offer a better future to these girls and to this beautiful country so cruelly stricken in the past.

Marie-Hélène Bensadoun


As a lawyer in social sciences, I have always been aware of the challenge of women's education and the importance of empowerment to make a difference in their own lives as well as in the society in which they live.
Seeing these girls growing up and thriving, strengthens my commitment towards Toutes à l'école.

Colombine Blum


I have four sons and I know they are heading towards the best future. Because hundreds of thousands of girls are not so lucky I wanted to support Toutes à l'école.

Marie-José Rubini


I chose to get involved in this association because not only does it help girls, but it also represents an economic and social model. Since the creation of this school there is now a tarmac road, dozens of jobs have been created and in the future when the girls have completed their education they will be considered to be true role models of success in their community.

Elena Sanchez


The reason for my commitment is that I wanted to be part of the “ocean of solidarity” for women's education. A solidarity to which Tina Kieffer and all her team have largely participated in building Happy Chandara! I am very proud to be part of Toutes à l'école.”

Vincent Soulier


Toutes à l'école offers an extraordinary opportunity to the poorest girls in Cambodia, enabling them to hope for a better future. I can be actively engaged in the program and be true to my feminist and educational values stimulant.

The Headquarters Team

Located in Saint Cloud (92) the team works closely with Happy Chandara School in Cambodia :

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