Toutes à l'école

Happy Chandara School

Helping Public Schools

Because it is important to maintain the social fabric and not to cut the pupils from their home environment, Happy Chandara also helps public schools in the surrounding area.

As public schools work on a part-time basis with classes which are very often overcrowded, learning conditions are difficult for students. Moreover, these schools often lack teaching equipment.

According to specific needs, Toutes à l’école tries to provide material assistance for example: school stationary, bicycle helmets, installation of toilets and renovation of libraries… Classrooms are also made available to these schools.

And because our students learn to give back, some of them go to neighboring schools to read to schoolchildren.

Helping boys

It is essential to ensure equal opportunities for siblings regarding learning and academic success. While our aim is to accept the younger sisters of our current pupils, we also have to think about their brothers.

Thus, for several years, classes have been given to 190 boys from the village on Wednesdays and Saturdays on the Happy Chandara campus. The program includes Khmer and mathematics courses to consolidate their skills but also help to improve their knowledge in computer science.

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