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Make your commitment to girls' education a reality: you have every opportunity to help us.


Through the Toutes à l'école* endowment fund, you can pass on all or part of your estate to support our mission, thus offering a future to underprivileged girls in Cambodia. By making a bequest, donation or life insurance policy to the Toutes à l'école endowment fund, you are giving a lasting dimension to your generosity, and helping our students become free and educated women. Let us never forget that it is by educating the girls of today that we will save the women of tomorrow.

*Donations (bequests, donations, life insurance) to the Toutes à l'école endowment fund are free of duties and taxes.

« As a long-time supporter of Toutes à l'école, it was important for me to make a lasting contribution to its work by leaving a mark on future generations. .
By leaving a portion of my assets to the fund of Toutes à l'école, I know that my contribution today will be its success tomorrow. »


Toutes à l'école has been awarded the "Don en Confiance" label, an organization that certifies and monitors associations and foundations that appeal to the generosity of the public.

The bequest: education as a legacy

A bequest allows you to transfer all or part of your assets to the Toutes à l'école endowment fund by making a will that can be changed and revoked at any time. You can choose between:

• A bequest by universal title
Legacy of a portion of your assets.

• A specific bequest
Legacy of one or more specific assets (money, real estate, etc.);
• A universal bequest
Legacy of all of your assets subject to conditions such as the delivery of assets or money to a designated third party or any other wish.

Donation: act now for education

By making a donation during your lifetime to the Toutes à l'école endowment fund :

• Donation by notarial act
With immediate and irrevocable effect, you can pass on an asset, whether it is a sum of money, real estate or an object.

• Inheritance donation
You can donate all or part of your inheritance to the Toutes à l'école endowment fund, whether it is a sum of money or a gift in kind.

Life insurance: securing your commitment

By naming the Toutes à l'école endowment fund as the beneficiary of a life insurance account taken out with a bank or insurer.

The life insurance policy allows you to build up capital over time and designate one or more beneficiaries, including the Toutes à l'école endowment fund, in the event of death.

Le The Toutes à l'école endowment fund is authorized to receive your donations and bequests without transfer duty.

Pour plus d'informations sur les libéralités, consultez:
Notre guide des legs, donation et assurance-vie

Don't hesitate to ask your lawyer for advice and to contact us in complete confidentiality.
+33 (0)1 46 02 75 39


If you wish, you can contribute to the development of our mission by benefiting from a 75% tax deduction in the framework of the wealth tax.