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Your questions about your protégées

What will be my relationship with my sponsor child?

Every trimester, you will receive a short letter and/or a drawing by your sponsor child, along with her school report. You will be able to monitor her progress. Your letters enable you to show your support and hope for your sponsor child, a way for them to understand that somewhere in the world, a sponsor hopes that they will succeed and build a bright future. 

How can I write to my sponsor child?

You can develop a direct relationship with your sponsor child when you send your letter (with her name and classroom number) to Happy Chandara. The students read your letters with their bilingual teachers who serve as translators. You can write in French or English. 

Can I choose my sponsor child?

All of our students have the same needs, we make no differences between children. Students cannot be chosen according to their age. We do our best to accommodate the requirements for double or triple sponsorship for families who want to support the same student. 

Are there multiple sponsors for one student?

We have decided that each girl will be sponsored by four sponsors in order to cover the financial needs required for a high quality education. The total costs cannot be met by only one sponsor. Multiple sponsorship is a guarantee of long-term support for the students. 

Can I send presents to my sponsor child?

Presents can be a source of disappointment and sadness for the other girls who do not have any. So, we strongly recommend you only send presents for birthdays or opt for presents that can benefit the whole classroom (educational toys, books etc.). Please be aware that the administrative procedures for a single package are becoming more and more burdensome and long. Consequently, we have created a list of gifts corresponding to our students’ wishes and matching their lifestyle. We can buy them on your behalf: do choose your present on the list available on the website.

> List of gifts (french)

How long does it take for letters and parcels to arrive?

It takes on average two to three weeks for a letter or parcel to reach its destination in Cambodia.

Can I meet my sponsor child?

We will meet you at Happy Chandara with great pleasure. The first contact must be made with the Toutes à l’école headquarters in France before your departure, so we can organize your visit in the best possible conditions. We require you to give us your estimated dates of travel, which we will then check with the school. Once the date is confirmed, we will put you in contact with a person in charge at the school in 18 Cambodia. Upon your return, we are eager to hear about your impressions and see your photos. Please feel free to send them to us! 

How will the visit to the school and our meeting with our sponsor child take place?

During your visit to Happy Chandara School, you will be able to meet your sponsor child and her family and share your lunch with our staff. This is a very important and emotional moment both for your sponsor child and her family, as it is for you.  

#902, street 369 

Sangkat Prek Thmey, Khan Chbar Ampov

8559 Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Your questions about sponsorship

I sponsor the school. Can I also visit Happy Chandara and meet the students?

We will be very pleased to meet you and show you the activities of the school. You will be able to meet the students and our staff. In order to prepare your visit to Happy Chandara, please contact our headquarters in France. 

What is the postal address of Happy Chandara School?

Happy Chandara
PO Box 1366
Phnom Penh 3
Zip code 120000


Why do you require sponsors to subscribe to a membership to the organization Toutes à l’école?

When becoming a member of the organization Toutes à l’école, you are granted the right to attend the Annual General Meeting, elect the Board of Administrators, vote for the general strategic decisions and approve the results. You will also meet with other sponsors who, just like you, support us to provide education for young underprivileged girls. Your membership fee is essential for the future of the Toutes à l’école organization, as it grants it the financial resources to pursue its mission in the long term and develop new projects, to help more girls build a bright future. 

How do I pay my membership fee?

Every sponsorship involves an annual fee of 20€. We require you to pay the first annual fee with a cheque or by bank transfer. If you are debited, from the second year onwards, the fee will be automatically debited from your account on February, 11th of each year. If you are paying taxes, 66% of your donations are tax-deductible, within the limit of 20% of your total net tax income. The annual 20 € membership fee only costs 6.80 € per year, after tax-deduction. 

How is my sponsorship fee used for the school?

The total amount of sponsorships is mutualized in order to contribute to the schooling of all students.  

What happens if I need/want to cancel my sponsorship?

Sponsorship can be interrupted upon request, addressed to the headquarters of the organization, by email or by letter.