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Who are we?

Our local team

Sereivouth Tieng

Head Teacher of Happy Chandara School

As a former mathematics teacher and head of the Continuing Education Office of the Ministry of Education in Cambodia, Sereivouth joined Happy Chandara as Head Teacher of our school in 2006. She is extremely involved and passionate about her role. This former victim of the Khmer Rouge regime is convinced that education will be the key to rebuilding her country: “to see the potential of these students and their willingness to learn, I know that many of them will occupy important positions in the future in Cambodia and help others get out of the circle of poverty.”

Sokha Khut

Head Teacher of the Primary School

“I chose to join Toutes à l'école because it is a non-governmental organization that offers disadvantaged young girls the opportunity to receive a good education.

I wish to contribute to this important social cause because I am a Cambodian coming from a poor family. I reached the level where I am today thanks to education. I understand their feelings better.

With my knowledge and experience I want to help Happy Chandara Primary School so that it becomes a pilot school in Cambodia in terms of quality, discipline and educational innovation.”


Daniel Ly

Operations Director

I started volunteering in 2011 with the French Red Cross in Paris as Director and then President.

After several trips to Cambodia, I realised I wanted to be fully involved with Toutes à l'école, whose educational and medico-social project brings direct and relevant support to over 1,300 young Cambodian women and their families.
As a French citizen of Cambodian origin, to bring my contribution to Cambodia thanks to Happy Chandara School is a cause that is dear to my heart. It is particularly relevant in a young and challenging country to start with girls' education.

Savrin Thy

Head Teacher of the High School

I have great faith in education as it is the only way to make positive changes in a country. This is why we work as a team on all fronts to ensure that our students receive the best education possible. We are always looking for new methods and technologies to improve the teaching and learning process.”

Sopha Soeung

Head Teacher of the Middle School

Working at Happy Chandara allows me to participate in positive community changes through education. Here we also teach girls to be actors in the development of their own country.

For that purpose the schoolroom becomes a community that encourages learning throughout one's life and it is the place where learning and work are both collaborative and participative.

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