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Who are we?

Our local team

Sereivouth Tieng

Head Teacher of Happy Chandara School

As a former mathematics teacher and head of the Continuing Education Office of the Ministry of Education in Cambodia, Sereivouth joined Happy Chandara as Head Teacher of our school in 2006. She is extremely involved and passionate about her role. This former victim of the Khmer Rouge regime is convinced that education will be the key to rebuilding her country: “to see the potential of these students and their willingness to learn, I know that many of them will occupy important positions in the future in Cambodia and help others get out of the circle of poverty.”

Sophea Neang

Primary School Deputy Director

Sambath Chong

Secondary School Director

Makara Douch

Head Teacher of the High School

Chanphalla Kim

Boarding School Director

Stéphanie Lienard

Boarding School Director

Katrina Lee-Buxton

Kindergarten Coordinator

Sina Reach

School Life Supervisor

Socheata Chun

OSM Coordinator

Pierre-André Picon

French Coordinator

Sopheak Phy

English Coordinator

Yuanxin Lai

Chinese Coordinator

Matis Brasca

Green Projects Coordinator

Alpha Yaya Bah

Project Manager

David Jacobs

Bilingual Program Team Leader

Phanny Nget

IT Manager

Tit Chan

SECA Manager - Sports and Extra Curricular Activities

Samnang Chhea

Social Department Manager

Ranny Vy

Health Manager

Marie Gorgeon

Human Resources Director

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