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Our mission

Why Cambodia?

Happy Chandara School provides global support to its pupils: education, food and medical monitoring (general medicine, vaccinations, dental and eye care). Their families are also supported and helped. Happy Chandara’s involvement is essential for the future of the young girls in this poor area, where most of the inhabitants make a living from agriculture, fishing and jasmine flower picking.

Today, more than 1300 pupils are educated on the campus which is 12 km from Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city. Each year, 100 new young girls join the school. They will be accompanied throughout their schooling and their university or vocational studies until they get their first job.

Happy Chandara is a complete campus including a primary school, a middle school, a high school, a boarding school, a vocational training centre and a medico-social centre.
A permaculture school teaches the surrounding inhabitants good farming practices, in an area where the use of pesticides is a real problem.


In Cambodia 90% of its artists and intellectuals lost their lives due to the Khmer Rouge genocide and now half of the population in Cambodia is under 18.

Rebuilding the country is a long-term process which requires a strong commitment from all those involved. Some parents are so poor that they have no other way than to get their children to work from a very young age. Many families live in precarious conditions, leading to nutritional deficiencies and hygiene problems

Public schools only provide part-time education in overcrowded classes and very often girls must leave school at the end of primary level in order to help their families.