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Happy Chandara School

Our teaching program

Teaching program

Our school provides free quality education to the poorest girls and young girls in the surrounding area. It has created its own curriculum, based on the official program established by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Cambodia. Because the official program is only based on part-time attendance (a half day), our school adds extra classes to provide a full day program.

Thus, in addition to the national Khmer program, schoolgirls study English from the first year, then French and computer science.
An important emphasis is also placed on personal development and creativity through the practice of sports. Arts, dance and general knowledge of the world in which they live are also included. The youngest girls are able to discover the pleasure of reading, imagining, dreaming and playing thanks to the school media library and toy library.

The teachers, either Khmer, French or English, have the educational commitment to encourage each child to learn and grow to her best ability.
The school has a program for career guidance: career forums are organized for high school students in the school and level 10 students carry out an observation internship in a company.

Selection criteria

Registration of future schoolgirls takes place every year in May. The criteria for selecting girls who will enter the school in September are very precise. Children from the poorest families (with a monthly income of less than 150$) are given priority. Other criteria are taken into account such as remoteness, type of housing, access to water and electricity etc. The situation of each child is carefully studied by the team of social workers who visit the families.

As the school is located in a rural area, pupils must live in a perimeter of about fifteen kilometers from the campus.

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