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Happy Chandara School


At Happy Chandara, not only do we educate girls but we also provide health care to our pupils who have never been to the dentist, have rarely been vaccinated, some of whom are malnourished.

Vaccination program

Vaccination is another important program in this country where one in eight children dies before reaching the age of 5.

At the beginning of each school year, our pediatrician prepares a health booklet for each pupil before launching a vaccination campaign with the agreement of the local health authorities and the parents. All girls are immunized against hepatitis B – this virus is widely spread in Cambodia – but also against tetanus and poliomyelitis. Eye tests are also carried out.

During the school year, the most common health issues tend to be abdominal pains, earache, headaches, cuts and sores, conjunctivitis, dermatological problems, pulmonary diseases, as well as ear, nose and throat problems.

At Happy Chandara, special attention is also given to food. When they enroll in the first year, many of our girls suffer from malnutrition. The causes are certainly an unbalanced diet but also intestinal parasites (a deworming program was introduced recently).

More than ever, special attention is needed at lunch time. In addition to snacks distributed at both morning and afternoon breaks, we ensure that well-balanced meals are prepared with fresh products. The girls have a healthy appetite and the cooks are delighted!

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